The art of stalling

There is something to be said about delaying decision or commitment. Various successful tactics are executed during a stall.

The same goes for listening rather than talking. You learn more from others, than you do running your own mouth. It can be hard to commit to not committing. One has to have the patience to wait out the storm – this comes easier with time and age. It has taken me years to learn the hard lessons of putting my foot in my mouth.

As only experience will teach, “haste makes waste”. We often have very good gut instinct as situations arise, although our tactic may be off due to excitement. We get worked up and say something we don’t need to, or commit too soon to one side or another. 

A great quote I heard today: “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything.” – Warren Buffet.

Good advise in this age of overachievement.



Stumbling block 

While reading a daily devotional in the restroom at work, it crossed my mind whether or not to leave the book on the toilet tank. The book could be an encouragement to others, leading them to pick it up and read. This small act could lead a coworker to be more curious about the Word, and ultimately lead them to Christ.

The action of leaving the book behind could also have a different effect. It could offend others, bring personal beliefs in the workplace into question, and lead to very divisive ends. I chose not to leave the book.

At what point do you risk a hard line and potentially offensive tact for good intentions, when more subtle but constant encouragement may be more in line with God’s grace and love?  Good and honest work by believers speaks to the heart of those who witness. There can be no harm in this.

We are commanded to work hard, but not for things of this world. May our deeds at work and at home reflect the love, patience, and kindness that we so derelict cherish.


Regressive advancement – post 1

So I’m still counting this post as 2/3/2016- getting forty winks and a post in before morning meetings. A good time to start some thoughts, and begin my first series.

Had a thought today – what about being a stumbling block? We do our darnedest not to offend, trip up, or cause strife in all different areas of a given day. This has to be done with wisdom and common sense. However – and these virtues seem to be out the window in our modern and “advancing” social climate. Are folks begining to stumble over us, while we are removing imaginary blocks?

I’ve been witnessing what appears to be the regression of social stigmas and tendencies. Imagined blocks seem to be everywhere. It has become a full time job for some, to run from one fictional block to another while causing 62-car pile ups in the freeway.

Moving to the south, I’ve had varying experiences at work, in public, in the news, etc. I’d like to share some observations from a personal perspective. Should be good. Risky, but good.


Go Broncos!

Watching the Broncos flop in multiple Super Bowl appearances taught me a few things. An early experiment of emotional investment. My kids are now the age I was then. 

After the letdown of one of the several losses, I remember looking at the situation from the outside. It was a deep level of stress that could be totally avoidable, it seemed.

I don’t invest much in sports teams, but I do enjoy watching them in the moment. Broncos and Patriots played a great game, with Denver coming out on top and winning the AFC. Carolina completely destroyed Arizona to take the NFC title. It’s a strange matchup emotionally for me this year – we have now been in North Carolina for 6 months, and are really making it home.

So two home teams, but still have a little place in my heart for the Orange and Blue.

Go Broncos!


The meaning of life

Spoiler alert. You will be let down to some degree by the content that follows a title like that. Anyway, hope you enjoy –

Hectic schedules of day-to-day. Standard chores and not much room for much else. The hustle and bustle of modern life can take us far away from the things that give us joy, and give our lives meaning – beyond the daily routine of “have-to’s”. 

No matter how much we talk about down-sizing, de-cluttering, or going minimalist, there is a large amount of gear that I just can’t get rid of. I was able to tap into my “why” for this today.

Made my first hunting trip in our new surroundings, and experienced some great new things. It was good to get back to something familiar too. A duck hunt similar in some ways, but so different in most. Looking back on my mental approach to the trip – I was simply happy to go. I had little expectation for the outcome for the day. I did know was heading out to do something I love, while putting the details in the hands of Our Father. His will for the day would be my sufficiency. 

Long story short, it was a great day. Terrible weather (a good thing for a duck hunter) plenty of shooting, beautiful birds, and great company. Seems like a simple idea: if we put our passions squarely into the hands of He who gave them to us in the first place, can we go wrong?

Don’t forget the simple things that have given your life meaning. And don’t forget who gave Meaning to your life.


The economy of being offended 

I blog, therefore I am. A Tweet, a post, a hashtag. There are many ways today to express one’s dissatisfaction with the state of… anything. To stir up, to insight outrage, to troll, once used to be only within reach of shock-jocks and politicians. Taping into guttural human indignation, curiosity, joy, distrust, can come from any mind with a decent connection to the web.

Are we better off?  Seems that sensitivity, racial tension, and general “Us vs. Them” mentality is at an all time high. The fascinating thing about the general state of things is – controversy pays. It’s a war for views, comments, and approval from others. It’s a new gold rush – and you can head to the mine in your underwear.

This post is a bit of random, a play within a play. Blogging a bit now, I can see the thrill of being read, being liked, and the overall approval from others that people desire. I’m not stirring anything up for shock value, but what about the endless blogs of introspection. Is that what my blog will be identified as? If so, I’d rather quit now.

Writing every day for nearly two weeks now, I have felt some ups and downs. These thoughts have been running through my mind, and I just wanted to get them down. For what it’s worth, I still have my day job.


Backseat Cook

Confession: food is an area I have grown to be a stickler for details. There are many areas where I miss the mark on details, but this is not one of them. Great flavor in a meal is something I have always found joy in, but didn’t go much farther than balancing steak and potatoes with a side of broccoli. 

As my future bride and I were courting, her family would cook for me. Now food has always been the most direct way to my heart, but what I was being introduced to was different. Slow cooked Cuban cuisine, with featured ingredients on my “pick out and pitch” list. Prior non-negotiables like onions, garlic, green olives, and raisins were now not only tolerable, but a joy to consume.

Cooking is something I have come to really enjoy. Since I have little time to experiment, I now identify as an aspiring, albeit frustrated chef. I don’t take too many risks in the things I cook now, but can’t stand to skip ingredients. I have branched out into ingredient substitution – a bit more on my WalMart Marsala in the morning.