It’s the doing

As tasks arise in life, it seems its the thinking, pondering, and fretting that makes it difficult. Once we dive in and trust our skills and intellect, good things seem to happen. Many things in life are difficult because we make them difficult. Why do we make them difficult? Here are four that I identify with-

  1. Because we are afraid of doing something new
  2. Because we might look silly
  3. Because we have developed a bad habit, and dread the routine we have developed
  4. Because we are human

This daily blog is a a difficult proposition for for me, and I can compile all 4 reasons above for my “why”. I am currently writing, and when this post is complete, I will have written something. With this said, I do not consider myself a writer.. yet. 

So, this year will be an apprenticeship of sorts. There are things writers deal with that I have not come face to face with in my dabbling so far, but they are coming up daily now. Pressure to come up with something fresh. Looking back at published work and saying to yourself “that sucked”. Writing someting that you know sucks when you are writing it (yesterday’s post – and I can’t even bring myself to look at it right now to hyperlink..). Combing through your current post, for how many times you have typed “I” and knowing it is way to many. And this is only the first week.

So anyway, don’t worry. And as Yogi Berra once said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”



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