Justification for a 15% raise

If Woody Allen is correct in his assessment of life’s percentages, 80% is just showing up. This being said, there is a fair bit that goes in to life’s remaining formula for success.

I’ve had the 80% in my mind for some time now, but can’t help to need more baseline at this point in my life. In alignment with my new goals from my post yesterday, I’ve decided to add to this formula for my own personal journey. 

15% of life is doing something worthwhile.

Being a semi-productive guy in the world so far, I would agree with the 80%. However, if someone sets out with only this as their primary goal, they will undoubtedly at some point be unsatisfied with the end result. In short, you will show up with nothing to say.

So, what is worthwhile? That’s the hard part, and it involves work. Even in the begining, we were commanded to work, to do something productive in a framework of freedom. This something worthwhile must be something you are personally invested in. It must be something you don’t need a script to deliver, and explain to others. 

I’d like to develop this whole thing in specific context in the future, but here are the biggies for my life.

  • Show up everyday
  • Contribute something useful. 
  • Trust God in all things, and the remainder will work itself out.




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