The economy of being offended 

I blog, therefore I am. A Tweet, a post, a hashtag. There are many ways today to express one’s dissatisfaction with the state of… anything. To stir up, to insight outrage, to troll, once used to be only within reach of shock-jocks and politicians. Taping into guttural human indignation, curiosity, joy, distrust, can come from any mind with a decent connection to the web.

Are we better off?  Seems that sensitivity, racial tension, and general “Us vs. Them” mentality is at an all time high. The fascinating thing about the general state of things is – controversy pays. It’s a war for views, comments, and approval from others. It’s a new gold rush – and you can head to the mine in your underwear.

This post is a bit of random, a play within a play. Blogging a bit now, I can see the thrill of being read, being liked, and the overall approval from others that people desire. I’m not stirring anything up for shock value, but what about the endless blogs of introspection. Is that what my blog will be identified as? If so, I’d rather quit now.

Writing every day for nearly two weeks now, I have felt some ups and downs. These thoughts have been running through my mind, and I just wanted to get them down. For what it’s worth, I still have my day job.



4 thoughts on “The economy of being offended 

  1. I think you blog for your passion of writing and let God inspire the rest… Don’t put up any walls or try to fit any molds. Let God lead and let your creativity climb.


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