Just when it’s clicking, it’s not

Just when a guy thinks he has things figured out, he finds out there is plenty left to learn.

At times I can feel myself getting on a roll. Hitting work hard, but missing important opportunities to succeed at home.

To live a life in two worlds is impossible. I try to convince myself this, taking the easy way out. I step back and really look at this delima, and see it for what it is. To truly have a Christ-centered life, it doesn’t matter what situation you find yourself in, or shifting to. It should not matter how tired, uncomfortable, young, old, dirty, or any other other-than-optimal time zone you find yourself in.

Give thanks, forgive, and love all those who were created in His image. Work hard, and love those around you. Oh, and get ready to fail and ask for forgiveness too.



One thought on “Just when it’s clicking, it’s not

  1. And fail and fail and fail. I’m getting really good at failing. But I’m trying to remind myself that it’s only failing because I tried to control something.the more I fail, the more I am reminded to let Him have it all.


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