Talent on loan

It’s easy to point to our accomplishments in today’s world, and look upon them with pride. Our human interpretation of pride can be justified and defined in ways that are wholesome, good, and acceptable. There is one simple truth about the human trait of pride – it is a trait not endorsed by God. This word comes up many times in the Bible, but I find no redeeming reference to its use.

The idea of expressing pride is noble enough. It is a word we seem to use every day, especially those of us with children. No doubt a parent has great joy when a child accomplishes something great, and there seems to be little harm in the expression when speaking one-to-one. In most other ways, it means approval, happiness, and lots of other inward feelings of joy. Deeds which we become proud of, we tend to forget about the Giver of the talents which afforded us the opportunity to succeed. God has solidified our ability to achieve the baseline for all other accomplishment – the breath of Life itself.

The expression of pride is one I have used many times, but have slowly been trying to wean myself off for many reasons. Today’s Sunday service was again a reminder why this idea of pride is such an important one. Simply put, there is nothing we can take credit for. It is all on loan. Even junior-high science taught us that nothing is either created or destroyed. Our talents on loan from God are developed, tuned and shared by our hard work and will, but with what in mind? If to glorify God, then good. If to glorify ourselves, less than good.

If we receive joy from others, we should be blessed. If we are pleased with ourselves, we should give thanks. Go, do good, create, love, inspire, be pleased with others, but don’t forget the Author of your story.



4 thoughts on “Talent on loan

  1. Since I first read this several days ago… I’ve thought about how pride is integrated in the daily life many many times. I catch myself wondering if it’s pride and whether or not I’m giving all that glory to Him instead. As I should be. Thank you for making me think


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