Go Broncos!

Watching the Broncos flop in multiple Super Bowl appearances taught me a few things. An early experiment of emotional investment. My kids are now the age I was then. 

After the letdown of one of the several losses, I remember looking at the situation from the outside. It was a deep level of stress that could be totally avoidable, it seemed.

I don’t invest much in sports teams, but I do enjoy watching them in the moment. Broncos and Patriots played a great game, with Denver coming out on top and winning the AFC. Carolina completely destroyed Arizona to take the NFC title. It’s a strange matchup emotionally for me this year – we have now been in North Carolina for 6 months, and are really making it home.

So two home teams, but still have a little place in my heart for the Orange and Blue.

Go Broncos!



One thought on “Go Broncos!

  1. We’ll have mixed emotions this year too. Imagine our delema if there were some kind of three-way match which included Arizona. Felt sorry for Grandma yesterday.

    I’m just glad my happiness does not hang on these games.


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