A good week

After a week in this new routine, there is definitely room for improvement. There were some successes, and some failures, but overall, little added stress. I could almost say that stress in some ways was eliminated.

Again, I did not make a morning post. There is a marked difference in my ability to roll with creative thoughts in the late afternoon, and early eveining. There is really was no real meaning to this post as I began typing, but I need to do more than just show up as I write this…so here is a list of wins for the week:

  1. A full week of posts 
  2. Successful experimentation with morning productivity vs. afternoon
  3. Formulation of yearly and lifelong goals
  4. Major boost in personal identity

As the work day wrapped up today, Philip and I discussed the weeks wins and losses. We discussed our plans for the weekend, as well as our plan for Monday morning. We have a plan to utilize the best and most productive part of the day for the demanding and challenging tasks, while saving the mindless chores for late afternoon. There are other systems developing to mesh our talents together to bring out the best in each other, and I am fortunate to be working with such a talented young guy.
There is a great sense of peace with a task list that you are in command of. Ownership of your life’s direction adds great meaning and value to the tasks you accomplish during a day. As discussed in conversation this week – don’t let life happen to you, take preemptive first strike and happen to your own life. 

Great week, and continuous improvement ahead.

Rambling right along… DoD


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