So my first evening post during my yearlong journey. A bit further now out of my comfort zone. Until now, my morning routine has produced results.

Rolling out of bed this morning, the notion that I may not post today did enter my mind. Taking an assessment of my time available, I chose to head to work without a post. Hoping to shoehorn it in later in the day. Lunch came and went, no post. There are all kinds of reasons why this day could go without a contribution, but here we go.

The second thought, after the momentary doubt about today’s post happening, was the image of the Iron Cowboy running his 50th Iron Man Triatholon in as many consecutive days. Mind blowing, beyond comprehension, superhuman, and many other large adjectives flood my mortal consciousness when I think about this feat.  It truly makes my little personal goal seem a bit less daunting.

Feeling what I felt today, the closeness and reality of failure, I couldn’t help but think what James had in his mind as number 50 was approaching. What was running through his mind the morning of the 50th when the alarm went off? What if he didn’t complete, or even start the 50th race to see his goal through to the finish? My mind goes right to screaming “HE STILL RAN 49 IRON MAN TRIATHOLONS IN A FREAKING ROW!!!”Incidentally 49 would have still beat the previous single-year record by 19 – That he himself set 3 years prior! As you think about every day of James’ journey, you become more and more amazed by the willpower, in even the second, third, or any day of those 50.

You will rarely, if ever see me use punctuation and font as I do in this post. I normally have no toleration for using all caps and multiple exclamation marks, but can find no reason not to use both describing this man’s feat.The concept and magnitude of the 50.50.50 achievement simply blows my mind.

So there it is, my post for the day. James truly was one of my biggest inspirations for this little goal of mine. He was also my ace in the hole for a day with little other inspiration for a post. Time to get some rest, get pumped for tomorrow, and look forward to a great day. Need to find another ace in the hole, too. 



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