New Year, New Habit

This year will be a year of good habits. Here starts one of several I intend on starting, and maintaining – a blog post a day until this time next year. If not good habits, at least good intentions…

So thoughts begin to pour into my head as I map out a plan for the Best Year Ever. Unfortunately thoughts progress to failure creping into past resolutions for the new year ahead. You (and when I say you…) spend your Christmas money on new equipment of some nature that you intend on using for your healthy new habit. It is a sort of down payment for good behavior in your new endeavours. You hope to not look back on this purchase in the future with guilt for your self-established obligations, but understand that is a likely possibility. There are also the excuses – demanding job, full schedule already, need to be the best dad possible, and in the end drop the goals to continue with the status quo. 

Well, some resolutions about my resolution:

  • I resolve not to treat each post like it is going to be scrutinized by the world’s finest minds the moment I hit the “post” button. 
  • I resolve to stretch, get the blood moving through my body, and try to use the most creative time early in my day to write these posts.
  • I resolve not to feel guilty for using this time for this goal rather than my typical duties
  • I resolve not to spend more than 45 minutes on these posts (starting on tomorrow’s post, of course)

These resolution resolutions will require my attention to pre-planning and resolve to work when I don’t feel like it. This one habit and its subparts will make me better.

I will need help in this endevour, and know that my bride will provide her support. Her encouragement will be what I need, when I need it. This support will be a reality check and a kick in the pants when I need it. It will be soft and understanding when the time is right. Her encouragement will never be a discouragement, and I thank her in advance.

Post 1, done.



10 thoughts on “New Year, New Habit

  1. Always here to provide any and all types of motivation or inspiration-kick in the pants included!
    You Can Do This!! Great Goal!


  2. I am eager to read your thoughts, perceptions & observations. I predict personal growth for you as a writer and new understanding and insights for your followers.


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