Time to write

My new year’s goal was set in early January, and I have fallen short of maintaining this blog daily. This morning, I revisited my goal setting post from early this year, and it has given me encouragement in a few areas needing attention in my life.

This has been a year of new beginnings. It’s been a year that will be one we will look back at as formative in so many ways. My new habits have in large part involved, and revolved around my new business venture. I’ve learned incredible things this year as a business owner, father, husband and child of our Heavenly Father. However along with all these great new things, structure for daily/weekly routine has been needed.

Monday mornings will become a jumping-off point for re-establishing my blog. It will be my place to get the inspirational juices flowing, and to stretch muscles that need to be toned a bit.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.



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