What do you mean, I can’t “multitask”

So, I’ve been struggling with something for a week now. Our family took a weekend trip to the beach 2 weekends back, and Jaime and began listening to an audio book. In many ways this book and one of the authors stress for routine inspired my year-long blog goal. The book also raised the topic of multitasking. In short, the position was that multitasking is impossible. The only real illusion of multitasking is task-switching.

Ok, this proposition honestly made me feel better about myself… at first. After a week of mulling the idea over, it began to eat at me a bit, but never too much. An idea in the back of my mind of a skill that would be always out of reach was something that I knew I would be working on fully resolving. To a certain degree, it was a topic that put aside as soon as this blog was officially re-started. I could not help but see this notion come full-circle for me when I changed my morning routine a bit today.

Until now, shaving has not been incorporated in my new morning routine. I am blessed with facial hair that does not quite need a daily shave, but needed attention today. As I began working my way through bathroom tasks, it began to make sense. Breaking down tasks into bite-size pieces so that many things can be achieved in the shortest possible time. At times, I am frustrated with my execution of my bathroom tasks. Why didn’t I remember to put cold water on my toothbrush so that I could be brushing while my shaving brush is soaking? I just have a hard time brushing with warm water… So, efficiency (especially on days that I have 6:00 am meetings) is key. To be truly efficient you must always be moving, working, and have a plan for what task is next in line.

The only true multitasking I can hope to master would be idea creation, while doing a meanial task. For instance, this topic and a certain level of it’s development was done while shaving. We must expect that while walking, running, shaving, showering, or another “auto-pilot” task, we can craft something. However, for that something to really become tangible, you must sit down and create.


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