And then there was conflict

It takes 21 days to solidify a new habit. We looked to Google to be sure, but all agreed. This was the first goal for those of us comparing our various aspirations for the new year at work yesterday.

This milestone seemed to be very achievable, especially after very successful weekend for our family. My bride found a yoga class within reach of the house, and attended her first class early Saturday. I met a great contact for hunting and fishing near the beach (one of my goals since our move to NC). We visited UNC and found what seems to be a great music program for the kids. Overall, things were really clicking for us, and we were laying the groundwork for some serious good habits.

Monday morning was great. Got to work early, and started humming right along. Tasks stood no chance as I kept mowing them over. It felt great to have my first accomplishments out of the way ahead of my drive to work. Last meeting of the day was at 3:00, and we were finalizing our prep when the phone rang. It was Dearol Ma. It rang a second time, then an emergency text.

Turns out we were in for another environmental challenge. We have had several since our move to the South. Our latest challenge… is lice.

I remember lice inspections as an elementary student in Colorado, but until now they were as real to me as the Sasquatch. For those of you in the high desert, they are real. Not Sasquatch, Lice.

Another learning opportunity, I guess. I didn’t know you could use a $20 bill in the change machine at the laundromat… It will continue to be work as we roll through all the cleaning laundry, haircuts, etc., but most of all, it will be work maintaining good habits in the midst of conflict. I’m playing for 21, and there’s a great blackjack reference in there, but I’m out of time.

Here we go-



One thought on “And then there was conflict

  1. Congratulations on the gratitude you expressed for all that went well and for maintaining your resolve to hold yourself to your goal when the first big obstacle appeared. Good work & nice looking haircuts!


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