Been at this new routine for a month now. I don’t quite qualify it as a habit yet. The level of commitment, I am finding myself unnerved when looking back at the previous day’s post. I find typos, missing words, and half thoughts. My Donald Trump post from last night was the second attempt. The first was longer, and better, but I hit something and deleted the original.

The original goal in my year of daily blogs was morning posts, but they have bled into the late evenings lately. My eyes and brain have been half shut, however there have been some interesting posts put down.

A blog can be something that you do when you are inspired. You may rarely feel inspired with this mindset. However, a blog can be something that you do every day, and you find that you are always contemplating something or another. This something may, or may not be of interest to anyone, but the act of putting it on record is an effort worthwhile, but only if you believe in it.

I took a moment tonight to review some early posts from the time this blog was started. The ideas that wisp through my mind regularly are caught, and put on “paper” for future inspiration, or simply to record something of interest.

Anyway, I’ll keep chugging and maybe get back into morning inspiration again. Gonna get some sleep now.



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