More Talent on Loan

This topic has been sitting in my draft folder since my original Talent on Loan post. This is my best attempt of finishing the thoughts as they were coming in-

We as mere mortals, have a penchant for worshiping intellect, beauty, athletic ability, or other outwardly observable gifts natural skill which we do not possess. The fortunate few in the public spotlight must be wary not to give in to the idea of actually being worshiped by the masses for attributes they had no part of creating. I find myself among those unburdened with such acknowledged natural talent, but catch myself coveting my more fortunate neighbor all too often.

A great quote I read recently on Napoleon Bonepart explaining his hubris, went something like “Napoleon – a self-made man who worshiped his creator.”

Enviable characteristics come to those blessed few the same way the rest of us are granted the most basic physical attributes such as hair, fingers, toes etc. Bo Jackson is a perfect example of a man whose incredible athletic ability matched so well the sports he was introduced to. In his time in professional sports, there was no earthly equal. There could be an argument whether there ever was or will be a specimen of such pure natural athletic talent. But over-acknowledgement of the recipient of natural gift can miss the point in a dramatic way. Where do these gifts come from, and are we giving Him the credit due?

Give thanks in all things, and give God the glory He deserves.



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