Big Rocks

There’s been a shift. A bit of a regrouping of priorities, and blogging has come in as one of my smaller aggregate time expenditures.

The post a day was lofty, but manageable if other “rocks in my jar” were not so big right now. There is part of me that wants my blog to be a bigger priority, but for many reasons, it’s not. And that’s ok.

Pragmatism was a word I shied away from for a long time. For more and more reasons lately I’m begining to grow fond of the practice. Two main reasons:

  1. Life is a work in progress. There are lots of things I’ve had to re-prioritize in order to live the life God has called me to.
  2. I’m a slow learner. My bride would say that’s a cop out – but it’s true. 

I’m taking a full accounting and a pragmatic evaluation of where my family finds itself now. To get my big rocks in first, I’ll see about a blog a week. If more turn up, it’s Gods grace and gravy on top!

Love from-



Let me tell you ’bout my best friend

Nothing in life is sweeter than knowing if you lost it all, you’d at least have the trust and love and warmth of your better half next to you. The one you share your life and breath. The one you rear shared lifeblood with.

Our trust is so deep, we needn’t contemplate its fragile human pitfalls. We may at times forget that we are on the same team.

We may give in to the moment, and selfish, stubborn pride. We will always forgive, as we have been forgiven – she will just have to do it more often…

Thank God for your your Love, your Trust, and your beautiful Spirit.


Can’t go over it, Can’t go under it…

When going after Bear, we have learned a few things. We have found that Going Through It is the only sure way of encountering our quarry.

This Sunday, we were reminded of the incredible strength and boldness exemplified by the apostles in Acts chapters 4 and 5. In the face of adversity they prayed for boldness. When this boldness came under attack, the men were called upon again and again to Go Through it. 


In examining our prayers, we must pay attention to the hard work we are called upon to perform. 

If we pray for rain, we must make sure the seeds are sown.

Playing with nothing to loose

We may fool ourselves with the notion that “He with the most toys, wins”. Seems that 15 years or so ago, this was a trendy auto sticker. I cannot say with abosolute truth that this is against God’s word, but I’m going out on a limb, and going with… probably. The popular rebuttal to the notion of life’s winner, was “He with the most toys, still dies”. Undoubtedly so, however still missing the point to some degree.

The truth is that all we have is borrowed. Our talent is on loan, our toys are on loan, and every breath we take is not without the blessing of He who put us here. We may try to take credit for things that we are pleased with in our life. We surely shy away from bearing responsibility of those things that bring us shame. 

This said, if we give it ALL to him – we have nothing to loose. A pretty good feeling.

Good night


More Talent on Loan

This topic has been sitting in my draft folder since my original Talent on Loan post. This is my best attempt of finishing the thoughts as they were coming in-

We as mere mortals, have a penchant for worshiping intellect, beauty, athletic ability, or other outwardly observable gifts natural skill which we do not possess. The fortunate few in the public spotlight must be wary not to give in to the idea of actually being worshiped by the masses for attributes they had no part of creating. I find myself among those unburdened with such acknowledged natural talent, but catch myself coveting my more fortunate neighbor all too often.

A great quote I read recently on Napoleon Bonepart explaining his hubris, went something like “Napoleon – a self-made man who worshiped his creator.”

Enviable characteristics come to those blessed few the same way the rest of us are granted the most basic physical attributes such as hair, fingers, toes etc. Bo Jackson is a perfect example of a man whose incredible athletic ability matched so well the sports he was introduced to. In his time in professional sports, there was no earthly equal. There could be an argument whether there ever was or will be a specimen of such pure natural athletic talent. But over-acknowledgement of the recipient of natural gift can miss the point in a dramatic way. Where do these gifts come from, and are we giving Him the credit due?

Give thanks in all things, and give God the glory He deserves.