Playing with nothing to loose

We may fool ourselves with the notion that “He with the most toys, wins”. Seems that 15 years or so ago, this was a trendy auto sticker. I cannot say with abosolute truth that this is against God’s word, but I’m going out on a limb, and going with… probably. The popular rebuttal to the notion of life’s winner, was “He with the most toys, still dies”. Undoubtedly so, however still missing the point to some degree.

The truth is that all we have is borrowed. Our talent is on loan, our toys are on loan, and every breath we take is not without the blessing of He who put us here. We may try to take credit for things that we are pleased with in our life. We surely shy away from bearing responsibility of those things that bring us shame. 

This said, if we give it ALL to him – we have nothing to loose. A pretty good feeling.

Good night



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