Big Rocks

There’s been a shift. A bit of a regrouping of priorities, and blogging has come in as one of my smaller aggregate time expenditures.

The post a day was lofty, but manageable if other “rocks in my jar” were not so big right now. There is part of me that wants my blog to be a bigger priority, but for many reasons, it’s not. And that’s ok.

Pragmatism was a word I shied away from for a long time. For more and more reasons lately I’m begining to grow fond of the practice. Two main reasons:

  1. Life is a work in progress. There are lots of things I’ve had to re-prioritize in order to live the life God has called me to.
  2. I’m a slow learner. My bride would say that’s a cop out – but it’s true. 

I’m taking a full accounting and a pragmatic evaluation of where my family finds itself now. To get my big rocks in first, I’ll see about a blog a week. If more turn up, it’s Gods grace and gravy on top!

Love from-


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