Just a man

There is something transforming about power and status. Changes happen to the person inherenting such blessings, as well as those who surround him.

In professional life, those most interested in gaining greater status gravitate toward those individuals who most benefit their pursuit. They have little time for folks who do not add direct and calculated value to personal ends.

The CEO holds ultimate status for the aspiring overachiever. In the CEO, he sees all that is good, and near superhuman achievement and ability. He is in awe of the celebrity status, and functions in a childish way.

There are few who can perceivably benefit the overachiever more than the superstar CEO. The following and cult of personality can be deceiving just as it can be in other leadership positions in society. We ultimately find a person who is flawed, damaged, but worthy of God’s grace.

So treat each other well, regardless of the gain. Hold ultimate faith in God, not in men. Live, love, and laugh a lot.



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