All ’round cowboys

To preface my following comments – I’m not a Broncos fanatic. I don’t listen to sports talk. I don’t really invest much in  my time off work to the game. But I do know a little about good football.

That said, today’s Super Bowl was not a great game. It was, however, an interesting game and a tremendous Team Effort by the boys from Denver. The Broncos played with solid and focused effort in all aspects of the game: Offence, Defence, and Special Teams. They played with a goal in mind. They played to the strengths of the Team. They played to win.

Denver’s Defence striped 1 of the football, and put up 6 points early in the game. A wonderful punt return effort set up a field goal. Peyton’s Offence pushed for six points in the forth plus a 2 point conversion to end with a 24point sum.

To give thanks for those who surround you. Your teamates, your family, and the God who put you here. Peyton did it all as the leader of his team. Thank you Mr. Manning, and may God bless your family and your future.

Congrats to the Home Team!



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