A true measure of time

The sun sets, the sun rises. Another day, another blessing-

There are observable milestones in Gods natural law that we use to build our calendar, schedule our life, and plan our future. The moon changes phase, the leaves change, days become short, then long again. We rest on the seventh day, ’cause Dad showed us how.

History and the true measure of time, depends on more than this. When we think back upon our life, or world history, the day is only given meaning by the events of man. Natural disasters are given meaning only because we are here to observe, react, and at times mourn.

As goes the old adage: If a tree falls in the forest… It is not so much the hearing of the tree that matters, it is the experience of witnessing and recalling that event that defines that moment in time. It is the age of the hiker’s children, the car he drove to the trail head, among other things.

Events, achievements, but above all, birth of new life give us an understandable and relevant timeline to this journey through time and space. It is in this context that we can better understand how time can seemingly fly, or drag depending upon our environmental exposure.

Here is to full days and a fully defined life-



Just a man

There is something transforming about power and status. Changes happen to the person inherenting such blessings, as well as those who surround him.

In professional life, those most interested in gaining greater status gravitate toward those individuals who most benefit their pursuit. They have little time for folks who do not add direct and calculated value to personal ends.

The CEO holds ultimate status for the aspiring overachiever. In the CEO, he sees all that is good, and near superhuman achievement and ability. He is in awe of the celebrity status, and functions in a childish way.

There are few who can perceivably benefit the overachiever more than the superstar CEO. The following and cult of personality can be deceiving just as it can be in other leadership positions in society. We ultimately find a person who is flawed, damaged, but worthy of God’s grace.

So treat each other well, regardless of the gain. Hold ultimate faith in God, not in men. Live, love, and laugh a lot.