Stronger together 

Strength and wisdom gained in Marriage covenant can be gained in no other way. These gifts, however, are far from a sure thing after committing to one another. The covenant of marriage can prove to be Heavenly means for personal growth and betterment. It can also, without certain commitment, be a means to exaggerate off-putting and offensive behaviors.

Marriage is work, and must be treated as such. If lax in our commitment to serve the other half, both parties can suffer. If fully available (as can be) there are lessons learned unavailable to those less dedicated.

If less than a full pledge is honored, selfishness can lead to isolation of the husband and wife. They can fall victim to blindness in inward and off-putting natural tendencies without the “centering” of honest council from our other half.

When eternal pledge is honored, a spouse must stretch the capacity for perceptions of truth and personal comfort. To serve with joy and thanksgiving is as simple, and difficult as it gets.



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