As fathers, there may be no better work we do than to forgive our children. As children ourselves, there is no greater give we can receive.
A word, a comfort, a gift. A reflection of our Father’s mercy and love.

To forgive does not come easy to our flesh. We hold on to pride and our idea of perfection. When we truly can give in to Grace, and acknowledge our own ability to forgive, we are set free.

Often, the simple answers are best. The gifts that cannot be purchased are those most valuable.



Love Letters from Dad – 28FEB2016

To my second baby bear.

You are a fabulous gem. A fine sparkling stone, with a dimple set just so.

A best buddy to your younger brother, and a loving, loyal sister to our oldest. A true blessing to us all.

There are times, more frequent than I’d like, when I forget your unique and important place in our lives. I will work to be a better “Daddy Pommy” for you.

You are sensitive and sweet. You are my pipsqueak, my pommy, and my likeness in so many ways. 

I love you little one. Good night.


Stronger together 

Strength and wisdom gained in Marriage covenant can be gained in no other way. These gifts, however, are far from a sure thing after committing to one another. The covenant of marriage can prove to be Heavenly means for personal growth and betterment. It can also, without certain commitment, be a means to exaggerate off-putting and offensive behaviors.

Marriage is work, and must be treated as such. If lax in our commitment to serve the other half, both parties can suffer. If fully available (as can be) there are lessons learned unavailable to those less dedicated.

If less than a full pledge is honored, selfishness can lead to isolation of the husband and wife. They can fall victim to blindness in inward and off-putting natural tendencies without the “centering” of honest council from our other half.

When eternal pledge is honored, a spouse must stretch the capacity for perceptions of truth and personal comfort. To serve with joy and thanksgiving is as simple, and difficult as it gets.


Are you Kinder than a 5th grader?

Some lessons are taught best by those unburdened by age, experience, and perilous “knowledge” of life and our expertise of it. While it is our duty as parents to train our children, why do we end up learning so much from them? 

Forgiveness: the one lesson I keep having to learn the hard way from my little ones. Why are they so quick to forgive me? There are times when I should thank my children on the hour for giving me a pass on poor behavior. It is a reflection from below, as we see from above. We are continually forgiven by our children as we are by our Father in Heaven. More often than not, we are deserving of neither.

This wonderful gift is just that – a gift. One that should not be taken advantage of. I pray that I do not abuse the forgiveness of those below, around, or He who is above.