Stumbling block 

While reading a daily devotional in the restroom at work, it crossed my mind whether or not to leave the book on the toilet tank. The book could be an encouragement to others, leading them to pick it up and read. This small act could lead a coworker to be more curious about the Word, and ultimately lead them to Christ.

The action of leaving the book behind could also have a different effect. It could offend others, bring personal beliefs in the workplace into question, and lead to very divisive ends. I chose not to leave the book.

At what point do you risk a hard line and potentially offensive tact for good intentions, when more subtle but constant encouragement may be more in line with God’s grace and love?  Good and honest work by believers speaks to the heart of those who witness. There can be no harm in this.

We are commanded to work hard, but not for things of this world. May our deeds at work and at home reflect the love, patience, and kindness that we so derelict cherish.



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