Regressive advancement – post 1

So I’m still counting this post as 2/3/2016- getting forty winks and a post in before morning meetings. A good time to start some thoughts, and begin my first series.

Had a thought today – what about being a stumbling block? We do our darnedest not to offend, trip up, or cause strife in all different areas of a given day. This has to be done with wisdom and common sense. However – and these virtues seem to be out the window in our modern and “advancing” social climate. Are folks begining to stumble over us, while we are removing imaginary blocks?

I’ve been witnessing what appears to be the regression of social stigmas and tendencies. Imagined blocks seem to be everywhere. It has become a full time job for some, to run from one fictional block to another while causing 62-car pile ups in the freeway.

Moving to the south, I’ve had varying experiences at work, in public, in the news, etc. I’d like to share some observations from a personal perspective. Should be good. Risky, but good.



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