Sleeping with your eyes open

Some people can. My four year-old little man can. I admit, it happens to me.

It is a phenomenon which occurs, as best I can tell, from extreme exhaustion. Strange to think that a person can be so tired, the eyelids do not succome to gravity.

The times I feel the worst about being worn out, is during reading time with the kids at night. I’ll be reading along, then feel it coming. The wave of unconsciousness hits you across your face while your eyes are still open. Sheer will keeps words coming out of my mouth as my subconsous reads and does it’s most primitively level of thinking.

As I write this, I have caught myself going cross0eyed and have shaken it off several times. I’m not feeling that weird warm “up for twenty-four + hours, ok.  Going to have my stuff together tomorrow,

Good night



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