Are you Kinder than a 5th grader?

Some lessons are taught best by those unburdened by age, experience, and perilous “knowledge” of life and our expertise of it. While it is our duty as parents to train our children, why do we end up learning so much from them? 

Forgiveness: the one lesson I keep having to learn the hard way from my little ones. Why are they so quick to forgive me? There are times when I should thank my children on the hour for giving me a pass on poor behavior. It is a reflection from below, as we see from above. We are continually forgiven by our children as we are by our Father in Heaven. More often than not, we are deserving of neither.

This wonderful gift is just that – a gift. One that should not be taken advantage of. I pray that I do not abuse the forgiveness of those below, around, or He who is above.



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