Love Letters from Dad – 28FEB2016

To my second baby bear.

You are a fabulous gem. A fine sparkling stone, with a dimple set just so.

A best buddy to your younger brother, and a loving, loyal sister to our oldest. A true blessing to us all.

There are times, more frequent than I’d like, when I forget your unique and important place in our lives. I will work to be a better “Daddy Pommy” for you.

You are sensitive and sweet. You are my pipsqueak, my pommy, and my likeness in so many ways. 

I love you little one. Good night.



4 thoughts on “Love Letters from Dad – 28FEB2016

  1. Such a sweet and loving post. All children should be blessed with a father (and mother) so entirely devoted to nurturing their children.


  2. Love this post Daddy, tearing up reading it… You are onto something with this blog of yours… Just love the direction it’s heading! You’re #1 Fan- DoM


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