Funny Little Bunny

Moments like this are why I am so happy for this blog project. I don’t want to forget today.

It’s early morning, and my Funny Little Bunny tip-toed down the stairs. I could tell by the time on the clock, it was most likely a bad dream. Fully expecting to hear my little Bunny begin whispering a wake up call to my dozing Bride, I heard nothing. As more moments passed, I began to wonder where she had ended up. To my joy, she had come directly to my side of the bed to seek comfort in her moment of need.

Again, days like this, I don’t want to forget. All the tears, all the mistakes, all the missed opportunities are wiped away and we are identified as fully competent, ultimate fixers and providers of pure comfort. Are my kids delusional, or what! 🙂

Today was a day planned to be at work an hour early. Like so much of life, not quite what I had planned, but nowhere in the world I’d rather be. Cuddling this little Bunny, easing her mind, and taking it as it comes.

As my Bunny headed back up to bed, I couldn’t help feel a sense of accomplishment when she went straight back to bed – without a stop by the other side of the bed. The little one knows Mom is there, but Dad is just what she needed in this moment. I feel my first hashtag.




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