Chicken Wal-Marsala

I can’t help myself. When I get something in my mind to cook, I research, and get it done. I get tunnel vision, and have to find every ingredient.

Two nights ago, we had the basics for chicken and noodles. My better half left it up to me to fill in the blanks, so I stopped at the only real place to get anything on my direct route from work to home – Walmart. Chicken Marsala is a dish we both enjoy, but Jaime especially. It had been on my list of learn-to’s for some time, so I decided it was the day. I found a decent recipe on my phone, and then had second thoughts on actually pulling this thing off. Tunnel vision, meet pragmatism-

  • Flour – King Aurthur’s is notoriously the cheapest at Walmart, and just read an article mentioning the company
  • Kosher Salt – got it in the pantry
  • Olive oil – always on hand at home
  • 4 ounces of thinly sliced prosciutto- ok here is where we begin to improvise – we have bacon at home
  • 8 ounces Crimini or porcini mushrooms – again, an opportunity to overcome – the white ones will have to work
  • Sweet Marsala wine – this is where I remember giving up before, but we will find a way – Barefoot Pino Noir it is
  • Chicken stock, butter, and parsley – rounded out and ready to go-

It worked. I’m no Pioneer Woman, but it worked.



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