It takes all kinds, and it takes time

As another weekend is winding down here at the homestead, a guy has to stand in awe at the diversity among the members of his extended family after spending time with a good number of them. He also has to reflect on how God has blessed and improved his life through that cast of characters, while marveling at the phenomenon of man and wife from such different backgrounds.

There is a certain poetic juxtaposition of our nearly opposite upbringing, but nearly indistinguishable ideals and beliefs.  Ways in which opposites were created to attract can bear very little resemblance to the logic of man’s own mind.  While in the course of building a family, the dynamic of learning and growing has pushed our marriage to fantastic limits.  The tough lessons learned in the course of our 10+ year marriage, I would not change for anything. That said, there are lessons that still make me uncomfortable when looking back.

While we have made mistakes, we have more often than not, made them together.  We will continue to fall short in life, and I pray that we will not find ways to repeat errors from our history.  There is no better way to describe this process than my new favorite truism, “practice makes progress”.

A message everyone who has been along for the ride so far – Thanks for everything, including forgiveness, and God Bless you all!



One thought on “It takes all kinds, and it takes time

  1. You’re sweet DOD, thank you for your contribution. And yes, in the words of one of my most favorite homeschooling mom’s that I look up to, “Practice does make Progress.”


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