There a few words that I have made a conscious effort to eliminate from my day-to-day vocabulary. “Perfect” is one of those words. So few things in this world can be truly described with this incredibly strong adjective. The work of God is perfect. Much of man’s work is not perfect.

Earlier this year, I set a goal of a post a day for a year. Currently, I’m falling behind. I may have established a habit, and I am definitely striving for excellence in this endeavor.

Learning, growing, loving, and enjoying this journey. Thanks for listening-


Love Letters from Dad – 28FEB2016

To my second baby bear.

You are a fabulous gem. A fine sparkling stone, with a dimple set just so.

A best buddy to your younger brother, and a loving, loyal sister to our oldest. A true blessing to us all.

There are times, more frequent than I’d like, when I forget your unique and important place in our lives. I will work to be a better “Daddy Pommy” for you.

You are sensitive and sweet. You are my pipsqueak, my pommy, and my likeness in so many ways. 

I love you little one. Good night.



Being fully prepared to be underwhelmed at the state of a dated theme park, I was again in awe of what the folks at Walt Disney World continue to do. 

The delight to be a kid, at any age, unashamedly. To be taken aback, brought to tears at the sight of other people’s kids’ joy-not to mention your own, to make the angry world go away, and to make time stand still.


Let me tell you ’bout my best friend

Nothing in life is sweeter than knowing if you lost it all, you’d at least have the trust and love and warmth of your better half next to you. The one you share your life and breath. The one you rear shared lifeblood with.

Our trust is so deep, we needn’t contemplate its fragile human pitfalls. We may at times forget that we are on the same team.

We may give in to the moment, and selfish, stubborn pride. We will always forgive, as we have been forgiven – she will just have to do it more often…

Thank God for your your Love, your Trust, and your beautiful Spirit.