The Sweetest Day

It’s cold here in North Carolina. The proposition of snow Monday morning has folks spooked again. No snow yet but most schools have already called it a snow day tomorrow. It was cold outside today, so we didn’t feel too bad about spending most of the day inside cooking.

On Valentine’s Day, we share a special kind of bond as a family. My bride and I had our first official date 13 years ago to the day. We stayed at my place on that day, and I cooked steak for dinner. Nothing fancy, but a tradition we carry on as a family. Without that goofy first date, things may not have turned out the way they have.

After church, I took a tally of the votes, and spaghetti with meatballs won out. Swung by the store and picked up a few items missing, and tried to nail down a recipe. Lady and the Tramp nearly always comes up when we talk about spaghetti dinner, and Valentine’s Day  was a very fitting time. 

A variation on the recipe below. Didn’t realize until now, I forgot the egg! 


Turned out well, and everyone was pleased. Even Bella had a chance to sample the goods.

Good night, and Happy Valentine’s Day.



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