Being fully prepared to be underwhelmed at the state of a dated theme park, I was again in awe of what the folks at Walt Disney World continue to do. 

The delight to be a kid, at any age, unashamedly. To be taken aback, brought to tears at the sight of other people’s kids’ joy-not to mention your own, to make the angry world go away, and to make time stand still.



Let me tell you ’bout my best friend

Nothing in life is sweeter than knowing if you lost it all, you’d at least have the trust and love and warmth of your better half next to you. The one you share your life and breath. The one you rear shared lifeblood with.

Our trust is so deep, we needn’t contemplate its fragile human pitfalls. We may at times forget that we are on the same team.

We may give in to the moment, and selfish, stubborn pride. We will always forgive, as we have been forgiven – she will just have to do it more often…

Thank God for your your Love, your Trust, and your beautiful Spirit.


A step in the right direction 

We broke it to the kids that in 3 days, we are heading to Walt Disney World. Just now, a giddy 4-year old boy shuffled down the stairs to ask how many days until we are at Disney. I haven’t counted, but there have been at least a dozen variations (very slight) of this question posed by the little man today. Sweet dreams, buddy.

It will be a quick vacation, but one we will surely cherish. Although we have made trips, visits, and seen many sights in the last year or so, we have made very few just the 5 of us. A bit of a selfish feeling, but ultimately, we need the time together. Very excited about wrapping up the week, and getting on the road by Wednesday.

We had intended today to be a restful one, and it did start out that way. A little extra recharge for the batteries by sleeping in, followed by a relaxing breakfast. Around lunch time, we scooted out the door to pick up a few items for the trip – in comes Parkinson’s Law. Seems that no matter how hard we try, we end up at home pushing the limits of hunger and patience.

Hunger and extended hours at the mall nearly got the best of me. While cooking dinner with my lovely bride, I began to loose my cool. Before doing so, I stepped out of the room to avoid taking it our on the innocent.

A dinner was thrown together, children were shuttled from supper to bed. Not according to the original plan, but it worked. Patience was a must, with a little forgiveness thrown in. 

Another wanderer down the stairs while writing this – big hugs, and big smiles from the oldest. My prayer – help me live up to this incredible job, help me take the next step and not need as much forgiveness. Love-



I’m not much for laws. Well, any more laws than necessary. This said, I stumbled upon a law that I happen to agree with just this week.

How do we have so much more productivity tools at our disposal today, but still only as productive as we were a generation ago. In fact, in some ways, less productive.

We have multi-tasking solutions, phones not attached to walls, untold capabilities of software. These tools should be able to afford us to cut hours, if not days out of our daily grind. Why then, are we grinding away at our jobs in such an unending pace?

Parkinson’s Law is part of the answer. The correlation of work tasks expanding to the time available to complete them. Frustrating, but true. I’ll try to believe that work product is of higher quality.


Can’t go over it, Can’t go under it…

When going after Bear, we have learned a few things. We have found that Going Through It is the only sure way of encountering our quarry.

This Sunday, we were reminded of the incredible strength and boldness exemplified by the apostles in Acts chapters 4 and 5. In the face of adversity they prayed for boldness. When this boldness came under attack, the men were called upon again and again to Go Through it. 


In examining our prayers, we must pay attention to the hard work we are called upon to perform. 

If we pray for rain, we must make sure the seeds are sown.

The Sweetest Day

It’s cold here in North Carolina. The proposition of snow Monday morning has folks spooked again. No snow yet but most schools have already called it a snow day tomorrow. It was cold outside today, so we didn’t feel too bad about spending most of the day inside cooking.

On Valentine’s Day, we share a special kind of bond as a family. My bride and I had our first official date 13 years ago to the day. We stayed at my place on that day, and I cooked steak for dinner. Nothing fancy, but a tradition we carry on as a family. Without that goofy first date, things may not have turned out the way they have.

After church, I took a tally of the votes, and spaghetti with meatballs won out. Swung by the store and picked up a few items missing, and tried to nail down a recipe. Lady and the Tramp nearly always comes up when we talk about spaghetti dinner, and Valentine’s Day  was a very fitting time. 

A variation on the recipe below. Didn’t realize until now, I forgot the egg! 


Turned out well, and everyone was pleased. Even Bella had a chance to sample the goods.

Good night, and Happy Valentine’s Day.