Times like these

Nights like this make being Dad the sweetest job.

It was late already, and my nice lady did not have her cake done for the morning. She was fussing  that the cake frosting would not stick, and had really worked herself up. Couldn’t help but look inward, and remember that I struggle with the same hard-headed tendancies when faced with a challenge. She was sent to take a shower and center herself.

I helped little man finish his project, and headed toward the kitchen. At this point, I was mostly concerned about not having time for a blog post. Considering I had missed the night before, 2 posts were going to be a tall order.

The frosting was not in perfect condition, but managed to spackle it on. Word quickly spread that Dear ol Dad was manageing the impossible task, and giddy delight was heard from the shower. Nice lady and I finished up the cake together, as joy filled both our hearts. 

It’s hard to digest the praises of “Best Dad EVER” from the little ones. We tend to shy away from the title, looking back at mistakes and doubt of our competence. We find ways that we are not living up to the duties and role as a father that have been tasked from above. Tonight, I’ll take the title. It was a great night to be Dad, but I hope in the end, I’m the second greatest Dad they will ever know.



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