Another reason to blog

I am lazy. Although my wife is the primary instructor at home, I try to do my part. More often than not, other things get in the way, and my schooling duties pile up. With a blog to be responsible for now, I need something to write about. I’d much rather report on positive achievements, than those not so flattering, so here we go.

I reviewed my oldest daughter’s two recent book reports! My lovely bride has gently reminded me several times over the last week, and now it can honestly be said that my task is complete!

Completion of this task felt good for now two reasons:

1. My contribution to the education of the kids in a more traditional sense than reading Paddington Bear in a cheesy British accent.

2. Holding myself accountable to a personal goal.

I’m going to enjoy this.


Just realized the signature from my first post bears a resemblance to the noun, dolt. There is that discomfort we were anticipating…