Decision Time

It is time to plant a garden. Will this place be the best place on the property to plant? It may, or it may not. It’s time to try.

Here is to things worth trying. Here is to moving forward. Here is to soaking your brand new birthday shirt with hard earned sweat, before its first wash. Here is to not sitting around and wondering, over-analyzing, getting upset, or appologizing when it does not quite work out – at least the way you had in mind.  

Through it all, here is to remembering it was your Dad who taught you to work like this.

Thanks for our wonderful family for the help this weekend. Thanks for the wonderful weather, and the land we have been blessed with. Thanks for the day I was born 37 years ago, the parents who raised me, the Father who forgives me, the children who teach me, and thanks for someone to share the next 37 years and beyond.